Gustavsbergs porslinsmuseums vänner

Friends of Gustavsberg's porcelain museum

The purpose of the association is to work together for a positive development for Gustavsberg's Porcelain Museum.

The activities of our association include lectures, exhibitions, excursions and shorter or longer trips to ceramics and industrial history interesting destinations. For example, we have been in Finland, Denmark, Germany and England.

Annually, a sum is deposited into a museum fund that has been used to buy chairs, spotlights and souvenirs, as well as reworking the “White Gold” exhibition.

We started our activity in 1997 when the museum was threatened with closure. At that time the municipality of Värmdö took over the administration and activities whilst the collections of the museum was assigned to Nationalmuseum, Sweden's premier museum of art and design.

From summer 2018 Nationalmuseum has taken over the administration and activities.

The museum is now closed temporarily due to renovation and is expected to be opened again in august 2019.

The Porcelain Museum in Gustavsberg is today housed in what is called Torkhuset - The Drying House. Torkhuset is one of the factory's most historically interesting buildings from 1876. In 1904, it was completed with an upper floor.

It was designed by the architect Magnus Isaeus, who former had been a designer in the factory. In addition to Torkhuset he has drawn several other buildings in Gustavsberg, as well as in the environments of Stockholm.

Torkhuset houses today, and since its inauguration in 1974, what was then called the Ceramic Center: the reception with shop, the Isaeus room on the lower floor used for temporary exhibitions, and on the upper floor exhibitions with the permanent collections plus office/administration.


Membership fees are 125 SEK per year, family 200 SEK, student 50 SEK.

Payable to our account in the bank NORDEA.

IBAN: SE98 9500 0099 6042 4434 4604


Kontakta oss på info@porslinsmuseetsvanner.se